My suite is located in a courtyard on the grounds of Las Encinas Hospital, so please enter at the Las Encinas Hospital entrance, 2900 E. Del Mar Blvd.

Turn into the hospital driveway, and immediately turn right. Follow the parking lot to the end. On your left you will see an archway from the parking lot leading into a courtyard, and a cluster of bungalow style office buildings. Park your car, and enter the courtyard via the archway. You will be walking on a sidewalk. Take the first left in the sidewalk. You will then be facing a glass door, which leads into the waiting room for my suite. Please enter through the glass door into the waiting room.

In the waiting room you will find a call light system on the wall, where one of the switches is identified with my name. Please flip the switch, to let me you have arrived, and I will come out to meet you at our scheduled time.

(Please remember to bring with you the completed New Patient Introduction packet, available on this site.)

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